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The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining us and welcome to the home of things U of M in NYC!!

What’s this site all about?  It’s where you go when you’ve moved to to New York and yearn for all things Maize and Blue.  I grew up in Manhattan, went to Michigan ’92-’97 (got the see the Fab Five AND a Football Championship), and opened Thom’s in 2005.  From the outset, I wanted it to be THE Michigan bar for NYC and sure enough – now it is.

Now the game-day experience is expanding beyond just Thom’s.  That same great vibe is coming to a revamped Session 73 this season!  We’ll be coordinating both spots so 2 times the fun!

The epic party bus trip to Rutgers is back again this season (details to come shortly), and we’re already planning a trip out to Happy Valley next.  And the trips aren’t ending there, a IMNY house in Ann Arbor is in the works…This is the only the beginning.

It’s gonna be a good year.  Now let’s kick Notre Dame’s ass.



Party Bus 2016.  One of FOUR. GO BLUE!!!